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Where it all began

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Don’t despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begun” Zechariah 4:10

Welcome to the start of our journey. We have lots of hopes and dreams in what we hope to achieve in this venture and I am sure we have lots of challenges ahead of us. Our vision may need adjusting along the way as we encounter twists and turns and as a team we are flexible in what The Oak Tree might look like but what we won’t compromise on is our values and what we want to achieve. Our ultimate aim is to create a family centre which embraces a strong community spirit. We will have a range of facilities and activities to enhance the well-being of the family unit and promote togetherness.

So our journey has started at Emmaville Hall every Friday where we run a pop up stay and play community cafe with a range of activities for children and grown ups. We are learning along the way and getting lots of amazing support and feedback. It is a great start to finding out what works, what doesn’t; what our strengths and weaknesses are as a team of volunteers and what the community wants and needs. It also helps with the sums (the part of compiling the business plan) that I don’t enjoy or find easy. Putting all our ideas on to paper in the form of a business plan in the pursuit of a venue and for funding application is problematic when we have such huge aspirations. The starting small and only embarking on a tiny part of what we hope to do is frustrating but a necessity in ensuring we get this right. There has been a small initial investment from the directors of our Community Interest Company to get us started but it has been reassuring for us to break even from week 1 and not to have got into a lot of debt to launch and sustain what we are doing.


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